What to Ask Your Obstetrician

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember questions when you see your provider so make sure you write down your questions and take them with you to your provider.

  • Do you offer perineal support and warm compresses to the perineum during the second stage of labor?
  • Am I a candidate for a C-section? Do I or my baby possess any factors that could lead to an instrumented birth or put me at high risk for a severe obstetric injury?
  • Would it be possible to have a referral for pelvic floor physical therapy to optimize my pelvic floor for birth?
  • Can we set time aside at an appointment to discuss my birth plan and its risks/benefits/alternatives?
  • Will you be at the delivery or there is a chance another provider may be delivering my baby?
  • How can it be ensured that my birth plan is followed as closely as possible especially if another provider may be the one delivering my baby?
  • Do you work with any doulas that you recommend?